For the past several years, we've brought you various podcast content and other resources about graphic design, freelancing, and other related topics. We hope you found it helpful.

We have both made major changes to our work, lives, and are continuing to work on new creative projects; we are just practicing our skills in other areas. We have stayed in the design sphere, but have diverted our attention to other types of projects.


Dan has been working as an Graphic Designer, as well as creating more new typefaces, creating various woodworking projects, and loves to spend time in the letterpress shop. You can view his latest work on his website, Dan Nisbet.

You should definitely subscribe to his blog and receive updates about his own weekly podcast. You can also view and purchase any of his original typefaces to use in your own creative work.


Jessica has also been working as a Graphic Designer, spending time writing, refinishing and up-cycling furniture, learning to sew, and entering into some new entrepreneurial projects.

You can visit her website, Jessica Rosengard Designs to read what she's doing, and follow along with the changes being made on her end.


You can still keep in touch with us and periodically follow along with what we're doing.

We have kept our FACEBOOK page live. Please feel free leave comments, ask questions, and let us know what you're up to.

We appreciate you sticking with us all these years and wish you much success in all that you do.