Biting off more than you can chew

Are you taking on too much?

In what appears to be an over-caffeinated start to today’s podcast, we realize our opening discussion about watching a movie way past midnight and committing to a whole new series. At the time of recording we realize that is exactly the general concept we finally discuss in the episode: Overcommitting.

We’ve all had those times we felt we couldn’t turn down work, and we’ve all said yes only to groan afterwards when we realized we were in over our heads.

Jessica and Dan go on to discuss the topic of “knowing when to say no”, and recognizing when a project just may be outside your wheelhouse on a scale you can’t even fathom. The conversation dives into topics like:

  • time it takes to learn new skills
  • why there are experts in various fields and not others
  • the difference between “fake it til you make it”, “say yes and figure it out later” and just flat out “acknowledging when you’re just not right for the project
  • knowing when to bring in an outside contractor to help fill in the gaps
  • and more!

Have you ever taken on too much?

We’d love to hear from you and your experiences, how you handled it, what you learned and what you think you’d do different next time.