Discussing Design Service Business Models with Sam Ryan of Flocksy

Which type of design service business model is right for you?

Today, Jessica sits down for a chat with Sam Ryan, Creator and Founder of Flocksy.

After chatting offline with Sam, I was intrigued by Flocksy and the business model as it compares to the conventional graphic or website designer and wanted to have this conversation in the form of a podcast.

We talked about the history of how Sam got to start Flocksy, why and the whole process.

Also, we discussed the differences between what Flocksy does and the services it provides, how things have changed in the industry, the other kind of design services available today, and the clients we all serve.

Is there competition? Does it actually exist?

There are many types of freelancers (design, web, writing, etc…) and we at Graphic Designer Podcast would love to hear from you. What is your business model like? Have you changed it? Do you feel affected by the changing tides in your respective industry?

Let’s hear from you!

Sam and Jessica tried to cover it all, but we welcome your comments, feedback and thoughts.

Feel free to leave a comment here (below), on the actual Soundcloud episode, on Twitter or our Facebook Page.

Here’s where you can find and reach Flocksy:
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