Giving and Receiving Better Feedback

Giving it. Receiving it. Everybody does it.

We’re talking about feedback, get your mind out of the gutter! The issue is that people have a tough time giving and receiving feedback. Often times it turns into criticism and isn’t even helpful. There are the folks that blow smoke up our asses. The people who offer unsolicited “advice” and the one and only trolls we all know and love.

In today’s podcast episode, Jessica and Dan talk about their own experiences giving and receiving feedback, the different types of feedback, and how to deal with it.

As an added bonus…

We’d love to share the following amazing video. It’s from an InkTalks conference in Mumbai, and a ‘talk’ given by Josh Radnor called “Fame’s Lesson Plan”. He offers an incredible perspective and since we discussed it on the podcast, we wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!