Megan Dixon from Rescue Me – Interview

Are you too busy, overwhelmed, and just have no idea how to get even close to getting your work done?


Our podcast interview guest today is Megan Dixon of Rescue Me. We’ll be discussing Megan does at Rescue Me as a VA (Virtual Assistant). A VA for many is a strange concept – having someone help you but not be an employee sitting outside your office to watch over like a hawk. Other folks are familiar with VA’s but have never worked with one because they really just know or realize what they cold even have a VA do for them. And then there’s pretty much every other perplexing concept in-between.

The great news is that today, Megan and I will discuss how she got started and created her business, the types of clients she gets to work with (and where), and the range of tasks she and other VA’s are able to do to help your business be more efficient, successful and thrive.

You will hear during the interview, references to the various places you can find Megan in this big-bad-vast-inter-web-sphere (Okay so that’s my fun made-up hyphenated word for the day. It’s a holiday and I’m feeling green and glittery), and the following is a list of links to get right to her. Don’t be shy! Reach out and connect:

Megan Dixon, MBA

Website: Rescue Me
Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


We discussed a few courses Megan has prepared and are both available via her website:

  1.  FREE Course starting today, 3/17/17 –> FREE Email Productivity Training which is a 3-part intro series to get you started managing email, offering helpful tips and tricks to manage your email inbox.
  2. Additionally mentioned in our interview, is Megan’s more in-depth course:  Email Rockstar. This 5-module course reviews and lays out the necessary steps to fully harness email allowing you to work as efficiently as possible without focusing too much on your inbox. It’s affordable and worth the time (especially when running your own business and trying to get it all done).

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