Should You Publish Pricing?

Do you gain anything from publishing your pricing or rates on your website?

There’s a handful of freelancers who publish pricing on their website and some who never would. Reasons include:

  • Helping pre-qualify clients so they know what they are in for
  • Weeding out clients who may not be able to afford you
  • Transparency
  • Packaged or ‘Flat Rate’ pricing

Dan and Jessica discuss the good and bad sides of publishing your pricing on your website. Neither method is is right or wrong, but there are always positives and negative that may arise from the practice.

Do you publish pricing?

If you publish pricing, what has your experience been? Did you reverse the practice and either remove the pricing, change it to a starting price point or leave it as is? We’d love to hear from you and what your experience has been (good or bad).