Surviving Failure & How to Stay Accountable

Are you terrified of failure?

Do you have a hard time dealing with the normal failures of being a freelancer? What about staying accountable in order to stay on track so you don’t let those little pitfalls get you down?

The truth is that not everything you do with turn out to the be 100% successful. It won’t always go the way you plan. Some people think failure is a dirty word but it’s an essential part of being a business owner, and being a freelancer is being a business owner. There will be projects that don’t always work out so well, ideas that flop and months or years that aren’t as lucrative as you’d like.

This week, Jessica and Dan talk about success, failure and how staying accountable to yourself and another person is the key to staying on track so you don’t fall victim to the “poor me” feelings that some folks think means they should quit.

Don’t quit!

Tune in to hear this week’s podcast and stay motivated. Nothing is as bad as it seems. We’d love to hear from you and the times you felt like giving up, quitting or changing careers. We’d also love to hear how you handled those challenging times and dug yourself out of the proverbial hole.