Taking a Break and Finding Inspiration Elsewhere

You guessed it: Jessica and Dan were taking a break.

We’re back and we’re gluten free (not really, but it has a nice ring to it). After taking a short hiatus, we decided to take a little time to focus on some of our side projects, our main work, our families, our personal lives, and to give the podcast a little boost.

In today’s episode, Jessica and Dan discuss what they’ve been up to over the past few months and the activities that helped inspire them to rejuvenate their creative energies. Topics include typography design, woodworking, reading, writing, blogging, photography, desperately needed rest & sleep and a little bit of focus on things “non-techno”.

Tune in to hear the chat and join the conversation on our Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud pages. We’d love to hear what you’d been up to, what you think of the episode and our new format. Enjoy!